“I was looking for no less than a new way of living in this world for our entire society,” says Clay Shank. “Like, ‘What’s the alternative to this capitalistic system that we have here?

Today, we bring you “700,” the story of Clay Shank’s ambitious goal to find a new way of life and his unlikely method: skateboarding 700-miles through the state of California, hiking the 210-mile John Muir Trail, climbing Mt. Whitney and Half Dome and, all the while, capturing a video portrait of the people living in California. But, first, Clay had to learn to talk to strangers.

You can find Clay’s videos, including his newest film “Up To Us” and the trailer for his feature-length film “700 Miles” on his website http://www.clayshank.com/

Music: Violent City by The Devil’s Cut    •    All of the Time by adcBicycle    •    Run by The Ghosts of Vegas    •    Your Pulse by Little Glass Men    •    Beneath a Crescent Moon by Bryan Dunn    •    Never Lost by The Cassettes

Tracks provided by Mevio’s Music Alley and Free Music Archive.


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  1.  by  Evan

    I’ve been listening to DD for four years.
    I wanted to buy a bike rack from their sponsor Koowet but I
    could never find it on the internet. I would try various spellings
    but none of my spellings worked.
    Finally I just went and bought a Thule rack.

    I guess my point is: the sponsorship doesn’t make much sense if none of the listeners know what you are saying.

    •  by  Jen Altschul

      Hi Evan,

      Sorry to hear about the confusion. You can find a link to the Kuat Racks website next to the Patagonia and New Belgium logos at the bottom of any of the pages of our website, and we link to their page on social media regularly. We will take your comment into consideration, and try spelling out Kuat Racks in the credits at the end of the shows.

    •  by  Hux

      It’s Kuat. Best rack I’ve ever had and 1/2 the price of Thule or Yakima

    •  by  ZBootyTaco

      It’s spelled Küat. They’re the best racks that have ever been made.

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