The Adventurer’s Parable

Today’s episode has it all. Steep descents. A battle to save South America’s pristine rivers. Backyard adventure. Eye candy. Photographers and activists Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson present stories and photos from wild ski terrain and their struggle to become a piece of the conservation puzzle rather than a cog in the problem. If adventure is the reflection of the human spirit, do we need to travel half a world away to find it in distant ranges, wild rivers and unpaved roads? And if the very act of traveling harms the places you hold dear, is going justifiable? The answers to those head jarring questions don’t always come easy.

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The Rio Baker: 

The Rio Baker hangs in a delicate balance. I won’t get to into depth here as numerous groups have gathered together to fight the dams. Please click on the links. You too can contribute to the preservation of the Aysen Region.  Numerous groups have taken up the cause. Conservacion Patagonica has already helped preserve a half million acres and established a National Park in Argentina.

Consider taking a few moments to draft a letter to Enel, the Italian power giant that is now spearheading the power project.  Berkley-based International Rivers has a wealth of information and resources for getting involved without ever having to get up from your desk. We can make a difference.

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