The Adventures of Beansprout

Ryan Nickum was a 20-year-old college athlete with a passion for brutal tackles and body checks. He had yet to grow out of the angst and rebelliousness of his teenage years. Socializing involved cases of Coors, rehashing high school exploits  and running from the cops. He wasn’t exactly prime recruitment material for Earth First. Spring break of his sophomore year, Nickum and his best friend Woodchuck were too broke for Cancun’s party scene and opted instead to join a band of radical environmentalist organizing a tree sit in Southern Oregon. There are many ways to stumble into activism. Maybe some people just shouldn’t read the Monkey Wrench Gang.

Music: Stare at Wheel by Dios   •   Wholehearted Mess by Bear in Heaven   •   Shy by A Sunny Day in Glasgow   •   Short Song by Mo Rooney   •   High Pockets and a Fanny Pack by Charlie Hunter

Music provided by IODA Promonet.


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  1.  by  Cindy

    What a one-sided, flaky and unfair portrayal of the Earth First! movement. Dedicated radical activists who give up all to protect the wilds of the world we live in should be lauded as true dirtbag heroes – following their passion, which is protecting what is beautiful about the world. Truly disappointing. Oh, and by the way, Patagonia actually supports these dedicated activists and campaigns that you poke fun at – providing gear donations that have outfitted tree sits, banner hangs, field campaigns and more over the decades.

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