You Are Not Alone

How do you start to see the complex relationships that make up a community? The first time I sat around a climber’s campfire at 19, I could sense that though our lives were superficially different with jobs and responsibilities, something greater connected those gathered around the fire. It was the first time I felt a sense of belonging. Since then, my community has grown, and encompasses just about anyone who understands dawn light and type three fun. But getting into the spider-webbing network can be difficult even if you know it’s there. Today, we present two stories from women–one a climber and one a creator–about the moment when the random became connected at a time when it mattered most. Gather round.

You can watch the trailer for “23 feet” and keep up with Allie at Red Reel Media.

Music: LA by Fake Babies   •   Woven Tears by This Will Destroy You   •   Lauralee by Seth Glier   •   3311 by Circuit Des Yeux   •   It Comes Back by Bradley Carter

Music provided by IODA Promonet and Bradley Carter.


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