Anatomy of an Accident

In May of 2007, I made a mistake that should have cost me my life when I slipped high on a Central Oregon volcano.  I fell between 250-300 feet, over a cliff, through rock bands before grabbing a rock out cropping and stopping my fall. I’m still not sure how I stopped myself. Amazingly, I walked away with a sprained thumb. This week the Dirtbag Diaries presents the Anatomy of an Accident. What do you take away from a near-death experience? Is there meaning in it? If so, what does it say about our relationships with these mountains, these rivers and these oceans.

Music: Engineer Fear by Birdy Nam Nam  •   Needle in the Hay by Elliot Smith

Above tracks provided by IODA Promonet. Additional music provided by Patagonia’s very own Sus Corez.


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