Bedtime Stories for Wanderers

If stories are the currency of travel, then writer Ryan Nickum is a very wealthy man. By the time he turned 30, Nickum’s passport was chock full of the brightly colored patchwork of entry and exit stamps from dozens of distant countries. He was consumed by a desire to travel and haunted by the inability to sit still. The gaps in his resume developed  into oceans between jobs. Cynicism grew. The overwhelming urge to quit the job and pack a bag sprang up every six months like a song that would not leave his ears. With his career stalling and idealism flat lining, Nickum looked into his past to search for the seed of the travel affliction. There was only one person to blame–his father.

What makes the traveler’s feet restless? Is it nature or nurture? Writer Ryan Nickum presents Bedtime Stories for Wanderers.

Music: Freibad by Hauschka  •   Old Old Fashioned by Frightened Rabbit  •   Backrow Politics by Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band  •   Tight Rope by The Coast  •   Orion Town 2 by Frontier Ruckus  •   Viva la Vinyl by Twilight Hotel  •   The Movemeant by The Tones

Music provided by IODA Promonet.


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