Beyond the Lines

Maps. We’ve all studied them. Stuffed them into backpacks or the seatback pocket of our car. Maybe we’ve even been led astray by a map. But have you ever thought about the person who made that map? Or how that person might influence your initial impression of a landscape?

“A map is not a perfect representation of a landscape. It’s an abstract representation,” says cartographer Marty Schnure. Today, we have a story about a mapmaker, Patagonia Park, and the process Marty uses to create a map–a map that she hopes will connect you to a place.

Music: Road that Burned My Boots by Jahzzar    •    Asuncion and Dayanara by Health&Beauty    •   Neo Zen by Ketsa    •    Quasi Motion by Kevin MacLeod    •    Wake Me Up by Publish the Quest    •   Gone by Noush Skaugen


Most tracks provided by Mevio’s Music Alley and Free Music Archive

Additional music by Amy Stolzenbach


6 Comments on “Beyond the Lines

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  3.  by  Martine grael

    Awesome áudio, totally saw myself doing the maps! And how it is nicely surprising to find something that was not in the map and add it your personal notes.
    When you look at a paper map before you arive at a place, it is almost as you were transferring the basic data to your head(memory). Like a picture of the place almost in 3D, and after the trip it is as you had filled your personal basic map with a lot of interesting forms, and comments, tips. Experiences, like the troubles you’ve passed and the nice lookouts. And whenever you want it is right there on your memory!

  4.  by  Sara Fleetwood

    I enjoyed listening to this, but disagree with Marty on there being no land left that hasn’t been mapped. I am a project caver (map unexplored cave passages) and there is still plenty more to be found and mapped underneath the surface!

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