A Brief Moment in a Beautiful Place

There is a fine line between a life-lasting memory and disaster. Whatever the discipline–alpinism, big wave surfing, foreign travel–we calculate risk, formulate plans and sometimes we have the spunk to see them through. Today, we’re headed to Laos to recount the story of two friends and one spectacularly bad idea. Join us as we follow Jacob Bain, Colin Brynn and a bamboo raft down a river at the edge of the world. Sometimes, bad ideas work out for the better. Sometimes.

Check out the photo enhanced version.

Music: While he is not traveling the world, the very-talented Jacob Bain also sings and plays in Seattle-based band Trolls Cottage. We’re also very fortunate to have the input of Sus Corez. When she isn’t hard at work in Patagonia’s photo department, Sus is making music with an organic edge.



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