First off, thanks for taking the initiative to click on our pledge button. We are reaching out to the community that has supported us for the last six years, while also maintaining our sponsors. Many of you have asked whether you could donate. And we've always said, "Thanks, but no." The Diaries are stories that come from you, they belong to you; we are merely the curators. They should be free, and will remain so.

But to those of you that have asked to throw in a few bucks, to those who the Diaries has helped give you that nudge to quit a bunk job, to find happiness that isn't defined by normal, to move closer to the mountains that give you such joy, please consider pledging today. Regardless of how marketing budgets may shift, we are committed to keeping the Diaries going for as long as we can.

Help us make sure that the Diaries are there for the next person in need of that nudge. That gift is yours to give. Take hold of it. 

Whatever level you can pledge support at is helpful for us to keep sharing the stories of our community.

We do have a few incentives.

If you can pledge at the $100 (up to $249) level, we will send you a "Fun Divided By Three" T-shirt

If you can pledge at the $250 or more level, we will send you a "Fun Divided By Three" sweatshirt.

(If you already have one- Thanks! Leave us a note through the magic of Pay Pal and we'll get you something else.)

If you'd like to pledge old school, email us and we'll send your our address. 

And if you want to set it and forget it, we have a Yearly subscribe option. Every year, you'll pledge your support anew. Until you ask to be taken off the list, which we'll do immediately, of course. But why would you want to do that?

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All pledges made through PayPal will be listed as made payable to Duct Tape Then Beer, our parent company, which is really just us.

Thank you so much!
Fitz and Becca

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