Dirtbag Playlist Vol. 5

August has arrived and that means a little break for the Dirtbag Diaries, but that doesn’t mean rest. Becca and I are working ahead. There will be new episodes in September, and we are really excited to announce that we are going to embark on one of my long time dreams–a six week climbing trip through the Sierra. All backcountry. A lot of walking. A lot of climbing. Most of all, some time to think and some time to check back in with one of the places and friends that have helped make me who I am.







1. Song of Night by SLOX

2. Skulltaste by Mux Mool

3. Kites by Geographer

4. Lying Around by Magic Bullets

5. Fine by yU

6. Ships With Holes Will Sink by We Were Promised Jetpacks

Most music provided by IODA Promonet. Also on this show, our main man, Ken Christianson, and Wolf Parade.


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