Dirtbag Playlist Vol. 6

Aaah, August. A time to get outside and forget about computer screens. We hope you’ve been out there enjoying the summer. We certainly have. But don’t worry, even though we took a break from publishing, we’re still working away to bring you more stories this fall.  This has been an amazing year at The Diaries–we hit one million downloads and we’ve continued to expand our circle of collaborators. We’ve been busy with other projects as well–The Season 2, Fringe Elements and The Love Letter–but we remain committed to bringing you stories from the community told for the community. Until then, here are some of our favorite songs that we used on episodes in the last year. Pack the car, open the windows and crank the cuts.





1. You Never Know Who You’re Gonna Meet by Publish the Quest

2. New Dawn by Withered Hand

3. Model Son by The Heavenly States

4. You by Gold Panda

5. Felt So Real (Featuring Toni Hill) by IAME

6. Owl Stunts by Breathe Owl Breathe

7. All I Need’s a Little More by Chikita Violenta

8. Poor Animal by Zola Jesus

9. Chapel Song by We Are Augustines

Music provided by Publish the Quest, We Are Augustines and IODA Promonet.


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