Dirtbag Playlist Vol. 7

With summer upon us, it’s time for some tunes as you head out to destinations near and far. We’ve selected a few of our favorite cuts from the last year of stories. Download your favorite(s) for free, then use them to solve this equation: music + road tripping + stoke + x =  40% better road trip. Try it. I promise you’ll crack a smile. Or make your passenger laugh. Happy summer!








1. Pixels by FAWNS

2. Dark Star by POLICA

3. It All Began with a Burst by Kishi Bashi

4. Sometimes You Lose, Sometimes You Win by Sarah MacDougall

5. The Diagram by Reigns

6. Love and Crashing by Oax

7. The Honest Truth by Typhoon

8. Your Apparition Stays with Me Still by Dreamend

9. Snow Globe by Mezzanine Owls

10. I’m So Unclean by Evans the Death

11. The Face on the Tintype by Dreamend.

Music provided by IODA Promonet.


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