The Great Big Garage in the Sky

Many of us associate our vehicles with freedom, independence, and youth. Even as we come to terms with the fact that automobiles may be an unnecessary evil, it’s hard not to think back to that first surf or climbing trip, and day dream about open windows, loud music and a best friend riding shotgun. Can a hunk of metal have a soul? What happens when the motor finally stops? In this episode, we bring you the sometimes-true tale of a 1974 Mitsubishi Sigma, a boy on the cusp of adulthood and a life changing journey across Australia.

Music: Electronic rockers Ghostland Observatory provided music for Episode Three. If you haven’t heard of this Austin, TX duo, you’re missing out. They’ve routinely earned rave reviews for their two full length albums Paparazzi Lightning and Delete.Delete. I Eat Meat, but it’s their raucous, energetic live performances that have triggered a growing wave of fans.


2 Comments on “The Great Big Garage in the Sky

  1.  by  shannon

    Fitz, this is glorified littering. I would not have expected someone who appreciates the environment as much as you do to go ahead and dump an entire car into the ocean.. And then write about it like it was some sort of heroic moment. It’s disappointing.

  2.  by  Jesse

    The car I learnt to drive on in sydney was an 85 Sigma gifted to my brothers and I by a deceased grandfather who loved it like a son, it did the rounds between my siblings and I and collectively we took it through it’s paces on most coasts in Australia, from the North of Queensland through to Kangaroo Island off South Oz. Summers (and winters) spent camping and surfing litter its history. What a great episode!

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