Be Mine

Love–It’s life’s great surprise. You can try to pin its origins in brain chemistry and hormones. Or the right timing. But those don’t explain why tough guys make slow rock mixes or why a timid person suddenly introduces themselves to the person of their dreams. Why it works for one couple and not another is beyond me, so I’ve stopped trying to guess. Your mate could be across the ocean or right next door. But if you find him or her, it feels as though every moment lead to the perfect culmination, even the awkward middle bits. And even if you need the help of a voodoo doctor. Today, we present two stories about finding love.

Music: When We Fall In by Sean Hayes   •   Zelie by Angelique Kidjo   •   A Love Like Infinity by Former Utopia   •   Because of You by Tony Bennett   •   Cheer Me Up Thank You by New Buffalo

Music provided by IODA Promonet.


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  1.  by  Rachael Lindsco

    Love this story! Dirtbag Diaries gets me through the work day when I’m stuck inside!!

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