The New Conservationists

Our sports, our passions provide a special opportunity to visit the natural world’s wildest places. This tradition began with climber, writer and godfather of conservation John Muir. He was a dirtbag before he was an icon.  Now, there are members of our community–boaters, skiers and photographers–who are following in Muir’s footsteps. They don’t necessarily come from traditional activist roots, but have chosen to take stand for little places and big ideas. Today, we present three stories. A city girl sheds caution to start a farm. A kayaker becomes a journalist. An adventure photographer forgoes a career traveling the globe to run for office back at home. I am John Muir. You are John Muir. We all have a Yosemite.

I think I accidentally called St. George…St. Gross in a section of the episode. Total mistake. Freudian slip.

Music: Heavens to Purgatory by The Most Serene Republic   •   Don’t Lie About Me by Herman Dune   •   The Winter by Balmorhea   •   Have Some Guys Kid by Egadz!   •   Do by Do Make Say Think

Music provided by IODA Promonet.


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