When a bad breakup sent him into a spiraling into a deep depression, Tom Ireson fixated on an unconventional way to get his head straight:

“I really needed something to focus my mind on to pull me out of that,” Tom says, “and about the biggest thing I could think of was to try and do a new route on a big wall.”

Not just any big wall, a big wall on the other side of the world in the remote and wild valley of Cochamo, Chile. When he latched on to the idea, Tom had never been to Cochamo and never climbed a big wall, much less established a new route on one.

Today, we’ve got one for you about how, if you find yourself at the bottom of an impossibly deep hole, sometimes it takes an equally impossible goal to pull yourself out of it.


If you want to hear more from Tom, check out his 2014 Short, ‘Go For It‘.


Music: Somnolence by Kai Engel    •    If Walls Could Talk by Jacob Bain & Nis Kotto    •    Snowmen by Kai Engel    •    hope! by The F*cked Up Beat    •    Rain Down and Fall Away by adcBicycle    •    Modulation of the Spirit by Little Glass Men    •    Nogales by Cleod9   •    Sunset by Kai Engel    •    Kelp Grooves by Little Glass Men    •    Firediary5 by Ken Christianson    •    Moontime by The IMG    •    Ground Up by Cleod9    •    Brothers by Cleod9    •    Sonic Roads by Cleod9

Tracks provided by Free Music Archive or with permission from the artists themselves.


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    My favorite
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    Thanks for making my Friday in the office a good one.

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