5 Steps to Bailing

“The reality of climbing is, if you climb long enough, you’re bound to bail,” writes Dean Fleming. “I’ve left rappel biners on sport bolted 5.8s. I’ve bailed from trees, chockstones, fixed cams, and Manzanita bushes. Sure, sometimes my pride gets a little dinged, but so far I’ve survived some pretty weird situations.”

We figured with that kind of experience, Dean could teach us a thing or two. Today, Dean presents another Lifestyle Tip for the Committed, with his five step guide to convinving your climbing partner to rig a retreat.

Find more of Dean’s words + photos at California Climber Magazine.

Music: Veiled Beauty, Dark Magic by Secret Archives of the Vatican   •   We All Fall Down by Lorenzo’s Music   •   Like Eating Glass by Bloc Party

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