Our baptism in wild places is different for each of us.  For some, it’s ingrained so early in life that it hardly registers as a memory.  For most, it was probably a little awkward, a bit daunting, yet so compelling that we wanted to do it again.  For Wendy Irwin, it began with, “a soft-shell cooler, a MacGyver like trust in the magical properties of duct tape, and a ‘Tent for Sale’ ad in the classifieds.”  Though much went wrong on Wendy’s first backpacking trip, the tendrils of nature’s beauty wound themselves into her mind and around her heart. And years later, when she met a teenager hiking the John Muir trail carrying two backpacks, she knew to smile and wish him luck. Because if you love it, you’ll figure it out.

Music: Swimming by Manuel Da Costa   •   Angeline The Baker/Leather Britches by Bradley Carter   •   High Country by The Maybe Sometimes

Some music provided by Mevio’s Music Alley





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