Dispatch from the Middle

Would you be satisfied pursuing your outdoor activity for only a few weeks of every year? Geography can be heartless. Climbers find themselves in the heartland. Skiers in the South East’s warmer climate. For surfer Wade Grocott, his local break is thousands of kilometers away. The weeks he’s not surfing, he’s surrounded by the prairies of Saskatchewan, reading surf magazines, swimming to stay in paddling shape, and scheming for vacation time to warmer, wavier climates. Answering the questions of his fellow and understandably curious Saskatchewanians is just part of the process. Surfing? Saskatchewan? Really? You’re probably asking those very same questions right now.  Wade has got the answers.

Music: Bury Me by Girls Names   •   Night Lead Me Astray by Younger Brother   •   Ativar Retrofoguetes! by Retrofoguetes   •   Model Son by The Heavenly States

Music provided by IODA Promonet.


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