Drifting to a Fork in the River

“Each trip I return from is like a seed for the next one. I imagine finding solace through solitude and bliss in the backcountry,” writes Fred Sproat. “At the same time that I think about endless wilderness pursuits I think about retuning home…to her.” While in school, Fred successfully balanced his time between guiding and love. Guiding takes a commitment to dealing with Mother Nature’s spontaneous eruptions–rainstorms, mosquitos, relentless winds–and the tenacity to keep clients happy. But you are able to pursue you passion, even if it means leaving somethings–or someone–behind.  With new opportunities on the horizon, could he maintain the status quo?

Music: Sucker Punch Town by Dodd Ferrelle   •   Namo by Dawda Jobarteh   •   Starting Over (Bad Habits) by Typhoon

Music provided by IODA Promonet.


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