Forty Miles a Poem

Whether you swing a hammer or hammer on the keyboard, we all find ways to stay sane during the workweek. Maybe it’s a particularly good post-work bouldering session or an hour of yoga, which has been the case for me lately. When Scott Harvey’s poem “40 Miles of Inspiration” showed up in my Inbox, it was a like a breath of fresh air. It’s hard not to smile at this refreshing cure for the mid-week blues. Farm dogs. Wayward bats. Coyotes. All in a day’s commute.

Music: Que Paso? by By Divine Right   •   April by Mo Rooney   •   Don’t Let the Nightlight Dance by Track a Tiger

Music provided by IODA Promonet.


One Comment on “The Shorts — Forty Miles a Poem

  1.  by  Ory

    I bike to work at least once a week now, (42 mile round trip commute) thanks to this short. I have developed an appreciation for the process and the commute. The journey – each a new one, never the same. I change up the routes often and there is nothing like leaving at 5:30am and waking with nature. Ride the fine line, the white line! Thanks again – stay well

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