The Lost Art

Surfer. Waves. Design. Surfboard. In 25 years of surfing, Will Ranken never thought much about how those four elements interrelated to one another. When he needed a new board, he would buy one off the racks, hand over the cash, and soon he was paddling into the line up again. That was the status quo, until he read an article about making and shaping wooden surfboards. He writes, “Buying a new board suddenly seemed so boring. Like I was missing out on the really important part, like I was only pretending to be a surfer.” Will designed and cut and sanded a board. He worked on it tirelessly. Flew back and forth the country to attend workshops until the day finally arrived. It was time to paddle out. Was it love at first surf?

Music: Machete Gang Holiday by Firehorse   •   Underdog by Bradley “Chum” Carter (Climber and a musician. How he keeps his fingertips in shape, I’ll never know)   •   As The World Turns (Featuring Olivier Daysoul) by Trek Life

Music provided by Bradley Carter and IODA Promonet.


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