I Poo, A Love Story

“My new husband, Bix, consulted the map and asked if I thought we’d make it to Bowknot Bend that day. Lots of honeymooners probably have similar conversations, except for one small detail,” writes Emma Walker. “Unlike those couples who coyly take their twos at the gas station down the street, my spouse of less than a week sat discussing the finer points of canoe rigging from his perch atop the river toilet.”

Today, Emma shares her take on the ingredients for an awesome relationship: honesty, openness, unconditional acceptance of ourselves and of each other–and a solid foundation of poop jokes.

You can find more of Emma’s writing at: https://myalaskanodyssey.com/


Music: If Walls Could Talk by Jacob Bain and Nis Kotto    •    Plantation by Jason Shaw    •    First Fiddle by emFrik    •    Back to the Woods by Jason Shaw    •    Jesus Loves to Watch You Sleep by adcBicycle    •    Monsoon Rains by Publish the Quest    •    Original Score by Amy Stolzenbach

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And our friends Jacob Bain and Amy Stolzenbach.


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  1.  by  Illimani94

    Finally got to this episode, and had to laugh. One of the hallmarks of my long relationship to my wife, climbing partner, trip buddy, and parole officer is our nonchalance about bodily functions. I think Emma nailed it early in the episode, the relative concerns factor. When your partner has seen you cranky and tired, dirty, sweaty, anxious about next day’s route, exultant about your last pitch, when you’ve shared a small tent or a camper for days, concerns about needing to drop trou rank pretty low on the list of 99 problems. Funny and touching.

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