There’s a light-hearted joy in friend holidays. Thanksgiving in Indian Creek or slaying powder for Christmas may sound like more fun than going ‘home’ for holidays fraught with family dynamics. At least it felt that way for Katie Wallace.

“Thanksgiving had always been a tough holiday for me,” says Katie. “It meant days of pre-cleaning, followed by a day of wearing scratchy sweaters and enduring endless hours of adultness. Hemmed in by tradition, social convention, and trying hard to be nice, we endured Thanksgivings with extended networks of acquaintances that none of us particularly enjoyed spending time with.”

But over the past years, Katie has come to see family holidays as a privilege, not an obligation.

You can find more of Katie’s writing here.


Music: If Walls Could Talk by Jacob Bain & Nis Kotto    •    Warm of a Mechanical Heart by Kai Engel    •    I Believe That People Can Change by Publish the Quest    •    Our Time is Short by Publish the Quest    •    Original Scores from Jacob Bain & Nis Kotto

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  1.  by  Marilyn Wallace

    So good to hear your voice telling this story. Yes, I did shed a tear or two! I miss her and think about her a lot, too. Hugs to all the Wallaces West. Much Love, Aunt Mal

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