Underwriting Adventure

Can you insure adventure? Last summer, climber and writer Majka Burhardt embarked on an adventure two years in the making. In the last moments before leaving, Burhardt decided to purchase travel insurance. Her trip to Namibia was an insurance underwriter’s nightmare. It turns out that climbing is blacklisted. On top of that, while abroad Burhardt couldn’t partake in sleigh rides, play American Football or Zorb. She didn’t even know what Zorbing was, but suddenly she wanted to try it. After all the work to make her trip happen, she wanted more than insurance. Burhardt wanted assurance that her adventure would be a success. The thing is–you can’t plan adventure.

Music: Imidiwan Afrik Temdam by Tinariwen  •   What? (Featuring Justis) by Mantis  •   Reggae Ehad by Selva de Mar

Music provided by IODA Promonet.


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