The weekend ritual of loading up a car with gear, picking a destination, and watching out the window as the landscapes passes by is familiar to most of us. Whether it’s two days or a month long, there is a method to organizing and assessing. Kelly Wilder writes, “We need the car; it’s our ticket out of wherever we are in the world.” Yet when you’re trying to live by the ethos of local and low carbon, a car “saddles us with guilt.” We may have a love-hate relationship with our vehicles, but they are able to take us to the places that help clear our heads and restore our souls. Is that rationalization enough?

Music: Fire in the Cold by Dan Wilder   •   Tracking, North of 63° Latitude by Form and Fate   •   Sometimes You Lose, Sometimes You Win by Sarah MacDougall

Music provided by Dan Wilder and IODA Promonet.


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