Zen and the Art of Skiing Powder

“With steely determination, I pointed my tips downhill and tried to power through the deep snow, but I was doomed,” remembers Julia Rosen. “I started to do the super slow splits as my skis drifted further and further apart under two piles of snow that felt like wet concrete. My feet stopped, but my body lurched forward and I was thrust into an unwelcome downward dog.” Anyone who’s skied powder remembers this fall. Anyone who, like Julia, learned to ski pow as an adult remembers it more clearly. But Julia did make it through the painful learning process—only to discover that, perhaps, the wisdom she had gained might just serve her in the horizontal world as well.

Music: Påte Filo by Malajube   •   Mountain Soul Fire by woodrowgerber   •   Risin’ Sun by Kelly Richey   •   Never Lost by The Cassettes   •   No Darkness by The Woodsmen

 Music courtesy of Mevio’s Music Alley.


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