Our sports transcend languages. Ever seen two climbers mime the sequence to a boulder problem? Smiles between skiers on a powder day? Our passions become a vehicle to explore a world outside of our own. Jacob Bain has traveled to SE Asia, Cuba, and Africa. And though he sometimes has climbing gear, he always has a guitar. Through music, Jacob has jammed with locals, incorporating the new sounds and experiences into his music. In the summer of 2010, Johnny Fernandes invited Jacob and his band Publish the Quest to Cape Verde to partake in a musical experience as part of his goal to preserve the local music. Can a hook, a horn line and a new take on a traditional song overcome culture and language barriers?

Music: All of the music today is from Jacob and Publish the Quest. You can buy individual songs or their first album “The Threads”  here or on iTunes. Check out their website or friend them on Facebook to keep up to date on the release of their new album “Then What!?” set for early June.

Cuts from today:

Gotta Keep Movin’! – Jacob met street musicians, Andres, Miguel, and Alex, while traveling in Cuba. He jammed with them, piecing together guitar riffs and horn lines, eventually convincing them to record in a studio. In need of a percussionist, the studio called Niño, who jams with Afro-Cuban All Stars. Through music and hand jesters, Jacob and Niño figured out the drum line. Publish the Quest has recorded the song for “Then What!?” keeping the original horn line.

Chasing Trains – This version is from Trolls Cottage, a band Jacob has played with for over ten years. Publish the Quest recorded it for the album “The Threads.” Check out that reworked version with horns!

What Then!? –  The first single from “Then What!?” to be released in mid-March, featuring Nigerian artist Femi Kuti. Find it on iTunes.

I Believe People Can Change – From “Then What!?”

You Never Know Who You’re Gonna Meet… – From “Then What!?”

Sodade – You can buy the the single, featuring Laise Sanches, here. Artwork for the single cover is by Ilse Reimnitz.


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