A Successful Life

Success. What is it? How does each of us define it in our lives? It’s a question that has hovered over many of the stories we’ve told in the last three years. Aimee Brown has been many things in her life–a snowboarder, a hydrologist, a pastry chef, a goat farmer and a writer. Always a writer. Being a wordsmith and making a living as one are two different things. Last year, Aimee got the opportunity of a lifetime a job writing for National Geographic. Excited, she packed her Subaru, threw in her cowboy boots and moved east from her beloved Oregon towards an incredible career. After a few weeks of living in D.C. a nagging feeling set in. Were days looking out an office window, lonely treadmill runs and sun salutations without the sun success? Could you ever define it as such?  It took six thousand miles of driving for her to answer that question.

Music: Love is a Dirty Word by Jason Collett   •   These Rivers Between Us by Slow Six   •   Bowsprit by Balmorhea   •   Albatross by The Besnard Lakes

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  1.  by  Ken

    That’s a great story…..very interesting to know the things in life were looking for….congrats on fulfillment.

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