Tales of Terror Vol. 4

Is there something out there? It’s a question that lurks in the back of my mind. Probably in yours too.  It’s one of the very reasons why I love the outdoors: the unpredictability. Over the years, I’ve collected experiences. Moments, like bits of data, that, collectively guide my intuition. And yet. We’ve all had that moment where hairs stand up on the back of our neck. Was it heightened perception? Or did the wind just blow in just the right way? And if you convince yourself it was the wind, does some lump of doubt sit in your stomach? Because sometimes you just won’t believe something is out there. Until it’s right there.

Music: Restless Spirits (Underscore and Beat A) by David Beard   •   The Forest by Sam Haynes   •   Gradations by A Single Voice   •   Bombs and Bruises by Black Pistol Fire   •   Boogie Man Jam by Earl Clifton Radio

Music provided by Mevio’s Music Alley.



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