Tales of Terror

It’s that time of year. Leaves line the sidewalks. Darkness tugs at the soul. A cold wind blows. Today, we present Tales of Terror, two stories from the most terrifying moments of our contributor’s lives. This year’s contest winners reminded me why I love working on the Diaries. Sometimes the stories are serious. Sometimes they’re funny. They come from all over the world. Our first story was recorded in the field somewhere in Afghanistan. The second comes from my old stomping ground–Tahoe. Despite the differences, both stories are the result of passion, imagination and creativity. Today’s contributors reached these terrifying moments because they have chosen to live both the width and length of their lives. Thanks to everyone who participated. We had great submissions this year. Becca and I really appreciate it.  Happy Halloween!

Music: Dead Man Walking by Tumbledown   •   Snow & Taxis by Gold Panda   •   Battle Axe (Featuring Mu) by The Left   •   She’s Wearing That Costume by Head Like a Kite

Music provided by IODA Promonet.


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