The Bet

Matt Muchna and Peter Journell are best friends, and complete opposites. Matt is spontaneous, Peter is a planner. Matt is an idealist, Peter is a realist. And a few years ago, they made a bet: Peter bet that Matt couldn’t climb one of the highest continental peaks for less than $3,000. If he did, Peter would pay him back for the trip.

“When I made this bet, I had maybe two or three pairs of cut off pants that were now shorts — or jorts — a pair of sandals, and maybe six or seven pretty nice Hawaiian shirts,” remembers Matt. “And that was it.”

Today, producer Francesca Fenzi brings you a story of mountain climbing on a budget, friendship and idealism versus realism.


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Music: If Walls Could Talk by Jacob Bain & Nis Kotto    •    Aloha Vibes by Warren Thomas Fenzi    •    I Got a Plan to Rule the World by MC Cullah    •    Sick & Tired by Publish the Quest    •    Equatorial Lies by Hayvanlar Alemi    •    Something by Kai Engel    •    The Rent is Late by Publish the Quest    •    Blue by Bradley Carter

Tracks provided by Free Music Archive and with permission from the artists.


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