You might remember a story about climbers in the Magic Kingdom. It sounded like a dream job- climbing, secret lairs and cutting to the front of the roller coaster line. Our inbox flooded with emails about how to apply. But the program was canceled in 2007. Until last year. In an audition room filled with sponsored climbers and underground crushers, Susanica Tam felt her resume paled in comparison. Could climbing a mini-Matterhorn change Susanica's outlook on climbing?

Today, we present our annual Year of Big Ideas. We went out into our community and listened to what you want to do in 2013. Here's to saying yes to new opportunities, stretching ourselves, and embracing a little spontaneity. 


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  • Hi Nick, Glad you've been a long time listener and thanks for the feedback. We do the best we can to fact check our stories to the best of our abilities. Typically, when I work with someone like National Geographic they actually assign a fact checker who works alongside me, but we don't have those resources for the Diaries. We actually saw differently when we researched, but I certainly would say that you're right, not the Orange County Register ( "Help Wanted" remains one of our favorite episodes. While we didn't want to redo that story, Susanica's story allowed us to update our listeners that climbers are back on the Matterhorn, and revisit the beloved setting with a different focus for our Year of Big Ideas. Susanica's story embraced the idea being open to what comes along. A nice start for the new year. We do our best to be out in the community gathering stories. But we're only two people. So, if there's a story you'd like to share with us, please send us an email. We'd love to hear it.

    posted by: Editor on 2013-01-22 23:21:27

  • Hi fitz, i am a long time fan of yours and your program. I have been listening since 2007 when you interviewed my friend Steve Vanvorhis. It was so cool to hear the stories he had been telling on your program. I also love the segment on types of fun and qoute it on a regular basis. That is why I was so psyched to hear from Susanica that you would be covering the Matterhorn again. But I must say, I have been a climber on the Matterhorn for four years and am a little disappointed in this coverage. First of all some of the facts you stated are wrong. The program was not cancelled in 2005, it was 2007. Secondly, you only covered the interview process. There were tons of stories that happened this last season. There were races for fa's, rediculous costume issues, and shenanigans that occurred. Please consider adding more to your story and feel free to contact me for more details.

    posted by: Nick g on 2013-01-21 17:45:39

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