The Modern Dirtbag

In the golden days, dirtbags lived to climb. They didn’t work, have permanent addresses or sponsors. They ate leftovers off of tourists’ plates and slept in beater cars or in caves. They stayed in one place only as long as the weather allowed for climbing. Now, our modern world of fees, time limits and locked dumpsters has made it nearly impossible to live that way anymore. Dirtbagging is dying– or at least that’s what some people claim.

Join Matt Van Biene for a day in Yosemite’s Camp 4 as he talks to climbers of all different ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Is dirtbagging dead or alive? What does the modern dirtbag look like? Well, you decide.

Matt’s photographs from Patagonia were recently featured in The Alpinist. Check out the article here.

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  1.  by  mountainpatsy

    Great Dirtbag Episode. I would like to say, though, I don’t think there are Giant Sequoia’s at Camp 4.

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