Blind Date with the Desert

 “My first few days in Moab’s red rock desert were like a blind date where everything went wrong,” writes Hilary Oliver. “For one, it was August. My metal aviator sunglasses got so hot in the sun that I couldn’t smile or they’d burn my cheeks.”

Four years later, Hilary and the desert got a second chance at their botched first encounter. Over the past ten years, they have developed a relationship with one another. Now, she has to learn how to share her place with all of the other people who have had their hearts stolen by the landscape of juniper trees and red and orange sandstone.

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Music: Beelzebub by Black Pistol Fire    •    Stay Cool In The Dark In The Summer by Battery Life    •    Walk by Night by Ketsa    •    Auroras by John Berry    •    Mindless Radio by Connect and FTdub    •    Orater General by The King in Yellow    •    Tightrope Walker by Jason Tyler Burton

Tracks provided by Mevio’s Music Alley, Free Music Archive and Jason Tyler Burton.


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