If The Shoe Fits

“I followed my friend through the small, dark weight room in a crusty garage-like building left over from the station’s army days and up a narrow, twisted staircase,” remembers Hilary Oliver. “Behind the door at the top of those stairs hid a magical place.”

Drudgery and boredom ruled most of Hilary’s season at Antarctica’s McMurdo Station, but she also got an unlikely introduction–one that opened up a whole different world.


You can find more of Hilary’s writing at thegription.com


Music: Mad Scientist by Fog Lake    •    Orater General by The King in Yellow    •    Little Black Balloon by Fog Lake    •    Circuit Rider by Fog Lake

Tracks provided by Mevio’s Music Alley and Free Music Archive.


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  1.  by  Bill

    I spent four summers in McMurdo so I really enjoyed listening to this one. It brought back a lot of memories.

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