Ever managed to talk yourself into an adventure or a job only to realize you have gotten yourself in way over your head? Sometimes these scenarios lead to embarrassment. Sometimes they begin horror stories. But, sometimes, they provide unexpected opportunities for growth. In 2007, Jen Altschul talked her way into a job as a ski patroller. And then the snow began to fall. Today, we present her story of learning how to be one.


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  • This is my favorite episode yet! Thanks for sharing the story.

    posted by: Megan on 2013-03-16 15:28:39

  • Wow! what a difficult training! Sounds really challenging, good job, you're very courageous to have done it! Especially without any experience whatsoever! Ā«Just make it happenĀ».... love it! The other guys were so patient, lucky for you, I would have been so stressed....

    posted by: Samuel Savard on 2013-02-06 17:52:44

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