The Swallow and the Anchor

“My future captain interviewed me with three questions,” remembers Joe Aultman-Moore. “Had I ever sailed before? No. Did I get seasick? I don’t know. And, could I leave tomorrow? Yes.”  As Joe learned to sail while hitchhiking on a sailboat across the Atlantic Ocean, he also discovered the unexpected ways in which travel can explode his perceptions of normal.

Check out “Going Into the Wild,” another essay Joe wrote on hitchhiking–but this time thumbing cars not boats, through Interior Alaska.

Music: Drop of Water In the Ocean by Broke for Free    •    In This Minute by A Single Voice    •    If the Battersea Power Station Could Fly by A Single Voice    •    We Wish You a Merry Christmas by United States Marine Band    •    Sailor’s Lament by Jason Shaw

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  1.  by  Lisa

    Sounds like the time my fiancee proposed to me Three months ago. Would you like to join me by my side on a grand adventure for the rest of your life? I thought he meant sailing. LOL We plan to marry in September on the shore of Lake Huron.

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