Tower Climbing, Baby!

“I unclipped the hot belay device from my harness. I looked over at Conor, smiled, and announced, ‘this is the best part of my day, so far’!“ writes Jen Altschul. “For a moment, a smile of pure joy spread across his face–which, just as quickly, flipped into disappointment as he realized that I was talking about being back on the ground.”

The first time Jen tried to climb a desert tower, her and her partner bailed after the third pitch and returned the guidebook. Today, we bring you a story of abrasions, frustrations, failure and an eventual, unlikely love for the peculiar formations of the desert southwest.


Music: Bad Coffee Blues by And Other Things    •    Bombs and Bruises by Black Pistol Fire      •    Rachel’s  Song by S Punk 7    •    Satisfied by Hemmit

Tracks provided by Mevio’s Music Alley and Free Music Archive.


Summit register top of Otto’s Route, Colorado National Monument.


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