The Suffer Vest

“I’m not what you’d call a ‘runner.’ I prefer it to getting fat, but not by a lot,” writes Brendan Leonard. “The most I’d run in the past few years was probably close to 12 km. I ran a marathon once, and although it felt pretty recent, it was nine years ago.” So what’s a non-runner to do? Sign up for a 50K trail race with less than 25 days to train, of course. Ready, set, race.

You can find more of Brendan’s writing at Semi-Rad.

Music: If Walls Could Talk by Jacob Bain and Nis Kotto    •    The Return by nisei23    •    Original Score by Amy Stolzenbach    •    We All Fall by Publish the Quest    •    Intro by Jacob Bain

Tracks provided by Free Music Archive or with permission from the artists.


5 Comments on “The Shorts — The Suffer Vest

  1.  by  Matt

    Just ran my first trail marathon, and this short was 100% spot on. Thanks for putting it together, I really enjoyed it!

  2.  by  Michael

    Keep Runnin’, great short I have the same vest. Suffer vest that is

  3.  by  Kevin Roemer

    This was very inspiring. I just did my first 16k and about to do a tail 20k

    I’m hoping to make it to a 50k very soon!

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