“It’s like you’re scared to move forward– you just need something to give you a little nudge,” says Jonah Manning. “You can call it support, but, really it’s just like a little bit of a shove forward. And I’ll never forget it, because Widge was certainly that for me.”  Today, we bring you the story of Widge, the ultimate adventure partner. Sometimes when that metaphorical door of adventure opens, you need someone to walk through by your side.

Music: Done with Dallas by Bradley Carter   •   Iron Horse by Angie and the Car Wrecks   •   I Caught Ya Hidin’ by Paperboy   •   Hot Mess by Black Pistol Fire   •   Blizzard of My Love by Paperboy   •   Matter of Time by Runaway Dorothy   •   Chasing Trains by Publish the Quest

Most music provided by Mevio’s Music Alley.


3 Comments on “Widge

  1.  by  Alison Whiten

    What a great story! My first listen to your podcast & ” Widge” made my day! Thanks

  2.  by  ephywheeler

    I recently discovered the podcast and have been slowly getting through them at work. Actually, I cracked out on all the Halloween episodes, but this is by far my favorite! No, I’m not crying at work…got something in my eye.

  3.  by  Brian Gard

    I live with 6 labs – take em every where I go except work, Central Idaho Wilderness every year, Wind River Range, they are hunting and pack dogs, – they follow me to hell and back and enjoy it……..

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