The Year of Big Ideas 2017

No matter who they voted for, right now, a lot of people in this country would agree that things could be better. In the long term, if we want things to go well or if we want move forward or to grow, then two, almost evenly divided, sides of this country can’t remain at intellectual war.

So, this year, we bring you our annual Year of Big Ideas, but with a twist. With the current state of our country, asking people about their personal goals to get rad outside didn’t quite feel right. Instead, we sent out the simple/utterly confounding question: How do we move forward?

Today, our friends, contributors and listeners weigh in with their thoughts and goals on what we do in 2017 and in the years to come. Happy New Year!

Music: If Walls Could Talk by Jacob Bain & Nis Kotto    •    The Departure by nisei23    •    Night Without Sleep by David Mumford    •    Done With Dallas by Bradley Carter    •    hope! by The F***ed Up Beat    •    Kelp Grooves by Little Glass Men    •    All of the Time by adcBicycle

Tracks provided by Free Music Archive and with permission from the artists.


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