What You’re Handed

Regardless of how you choose to play outside, if someone gets hurt in the mountains, the first step on the checklist remains the same: “scene safety”–you make sure the thing that hurt your buddy isn’t going to hurt you too. But there’s no checklist for emotional safety when things go wrong. Today we bring you the story of a family, an accident and the repercussions they navigated for years afterwards.

Music: Live at Bazillus by Aidan Baker   •   Hotel Denalian by Bravo, Max!   •   Whatever Comes My Way by Vienna Ditto   •   Too Young by Runaway Dorothy   •   Last Chance for Love by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club   •   A Finer Line by Jason Tyler Burton

 Music provided by Mevio’s Music Alley, Free Music Archive and Diaries‘ listener Jason Tyler Burton.


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