Adventure 1000

It’s January. Time for our annual Year of Big Ideas. This year, we talked to Alastair Humphreys, a 2012 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. Among other things, Alastair has walked across India, and 1000 miles through the largest sand desert in the world, cycled 46,000 miles around the world in four years and rowed across the Atlantic.

People often come up to him after his talks and tell him they wish they could go on the kinds of adventures that he does. Alastair believes that they can. Today, he explains what he’s learned about what it takes to make an adventure happen. Here’s to another year of big ideas, and to committing to them. Happy 2015.

Music: The Floodwork Fireflies by A Single Voice    •    Neo Zen by Ketsa    •    Shine by Publish the Quest    •    Ripping Susan by A Single Voice    •    Then You Were There by Ketsa    •    The Rent is Late by Publish the Quest

The songs by Publish the Quest came off their new album, A Thousand Kinds of Gold. Other tracks provided by Mevio’s Music Alley and Free Music Archive.



6 Comments on “Adventure 1000

  1.  by  dylanmoellendorf

    I love these beginning of the year episodes, very inspiring. I plan this year to find a teaching job, now that I completed my student teaching and certification. Hike all summer in the Beartooths and Bighorn Mountains. Maybe run my first marathon. Should be a great freaking year.

  2.  by  Brian Newhook

    Goals for 2015: Take a week long kayak trip in Baja Mexico. Take my kids on their first overnight camping trip (4 yr old and 1 yr old).

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