El Avalanchisto

When Matt McKee first heard about the position forecasting avalanches for Minera Pimenton, a gold mine in the Chilean Andes, it sounded like the snow geek’s dream job. But mere hours after his plane touched down in Santiago, Matt started getting hints that maybe he had walked into a situation that more closely resembled a nightmare: a den of avalanche paths, a mine full of workers who didn’t believe in avalanches and a country that looked for someone to blame if things went wrong. Today, we bring you Matt’s story of trying to make it out alive.

You can read Matt’s unabridged version of the story from the 2008 International Snow Science Workshop here.

Music: Young Blood by Black Pistol Fire    •    mountain_soul_fire by woodrowgerber    •    Letters Home by emFrik    •    The Undefeated by Vienna Ditto    •    Dark Spots by A Crooked Pulse

Tracks provided by Mevio’s Music Alley and Free Music Archive. Additional music composed by our talented friend, Amy Stolzenbach.


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