Katahdin Woods and Waters

The reason that I was able to do it is because I was incredibly naive,” says Lucas St. Clair. “I had no idea how much work it was gonna be when I started. Not a clue.”

The thing Lucas did: work to establish Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in the North Woods of Maine.

We started the “Endangered Spaces” series for two reasons. First, we want to take a deeper look at a handful of important, active land battles. Second, and every bit as important, we want to follow the stories of a handful of people who, in their own, quirky ways, have stepped up to protect the threatened spaces they hold dear.

For Lucas, the endangered space wasn’t the land he was working to protect, but the communities that surround it.  

The comment period for the 27 national monuments on Zinke’s list ends July 10th. Outdoor Alliance makes it easy to speak out for the places that are important to you.

To plan your trip to Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, visit Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters.

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5 Comments on “Endangered Spaces — Katahdin Woods and Waters

  1.  by  Brayden Donnelly

    This was wonderful! Keep on fighting the good fight!\

  2.  by  Matt Jaquette

    Great episode – I love the endangered spaces series! Thoughtful reporting on public land conflicts that goes beyond the polorized headline stories typically seen

  3.  by  Alex

    Great episode! PS Where do I get this illustration on a t shirt? It’s beautiful!

  4.  by  JDLP

    Thank you for covering the Katahdin story, and great job on the episode.

    For another in this series, would love to see something about the California Mojave Desert monuments and parks under threat from water extraction (see: Cadiz Water Project, aiming to pump water from under the Mojave to send to Orange County).

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