Everybody Loves LeeRoy

 God told Steve Wescott to walk from the Space Needle to Times Square, NYC, with a goat named LeeRoy, to raise $200,000 for an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. Or at least that’s the elevator pitch. In truth, when Steve started out of Seattle in 2011, it had much less to do with God, and much more to do with running away from himself and the mistakes he had made as a Christian rock star and sex-and-love-aholic. You probably don’t want to listen to this one with your kids.

To learn more about Steve’s project and the orphanage, Uzima Outreach, visit: http://www.needle2square.com/


Music: The Walk by Nony Zero    •    Slow Burn by Black Pistol Fire    •    Original Score by Amy Stolzenbach    •    Pilgrim’s Progress by Jason Tyler Burton    •    Destination by Jason Tyler Burton


Tracks provided by Mevio’s Music Alley, and our friends Amy Stolzenbach and Jason Tyler Burton.



3 Comments on “Everybody Loves LeeRoy

  1.  by  Jody S

    Gosh I can’t help but feel like Goat Boy the Hiker is a self absorbed douche-lord. I was bummed on that cause the host girl seems nice and I’m sure she’s truly dedicated to her podcast, but yeah, ‘Mr. I’m-addicted-to-dating-like-10-girls-at-once,-brahhhh’ pulled one over on her. But alas, Kenyan orphans were allegedly the beneficiaries of this humble young mans selfless and charitable quest, so I guess under the right circumstances, nobility can even be found in ass-clowndom.

    P.S. Where was the ultra lewd material that was too graphic for my kids to hear? Was it when he said the s-e-x word? Good thing y’all had the disclaimer in the beginning, cause if my son would’ve been exposed to this liberal media hedonism, I would’ve sued the pants off the whole gosh dang bunch of you long-haired grass-takin’ yayhoo’s!

    Self indulgent rant over.

    Much obliged.

    Jody Sckroht

  2.  by  Emily

    This guy is kind of an idiot. Also your comment is hilarious Jody

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