Flying Deep

There comes a stage in a great athlete’s career when the pursuit of technical difficulty takes a back seat. It gives way to simplicity, an aesthetic and possibly to an iconic style that leaves an impression on a sport. Will Gadd is one of the most accomplished mountain athletes ever. Most people know him as a climbing legend, but he also holds that stature in the fringe sport of paragliding where he has won competitions and held the single flight distance record for a decade. Last year, Will and renowned pilot Gavin McClurg embarked on a truly incredible trip down the spine of the Canadian Rockies. The goal was to create a continuous line through the air. At night, they landed in the alpine, slept and repeated the process–for 35 days. The trip changed Will’s perspective, not just on the craft, but on how he pursues adventure.

This episode contains some explicit language.

Music: Original Score by Amy Stolzenbach    •    Wake Me Up by Jacob Bain and Publish The Quest    •    Language Of Its Own by Jacob Bain and Publish The Quest    •    Monsoon Rains by Jacob Bain and Publish The Quest    •    Sundialing by Caribou    •    Shine by Jacob Bain and Publish The Quest


4 Comments on “Flying Deep

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  2.  by  Bryan

    This was so inspiring. You can feel them exude palpable passion. The stoke is high and for good reason, what an adventure, in the truest sense of the word.

  3.  by  Chrs

    This entire episode was great, but the brutal honesty at the end of it was just awesome!

    “I’ve done thousands of pull ups… hundreds of thousands of pull ups… I’ve done a lot of **** pull ups. / There’s cool sh*t out there, I don’t wanna miss it while I’m doing pull ups.”

    There’s a lot of truth to that.

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