More Than Just a Camping Trip

“Death-by-lightning-strike statistics kept swirling through my head, causing me to push my 13-year-old daughter to the very limits of her physical ability. We were on her Trip,” writes Otto Gallaher. Today, we bring you the story of a rite-of-passage tradition in Otto’s family simply known as ‘The Trip’. What outdoor traditions does your family keep?

Riley's 13th Trip-52

You can find more photos of Otto and Riley’s trip on Otto’s photography website.

Music: Let the Right One In by Night’s Bright Colors    •   Original Score by Amy Stolzenbach   •   Underdog by Bradley Carter

Music by Night’s Bright Colors provided by Mevio’s Music Alley. Amy Stolzenbach and Bradley Carter are friends of the Diaries.


4 Comments on “The Shorts–More Than Just a Camping Trip

  1.  by  Aaron Wood

    Awesome stuff and great story! Remind me of some of the trips I’ve done with my kids and one I did with my Dad. Thanks for sharing it.

  2.  by  Grant Volk

    Excellent short! When I first listened to this episode on my drive to work, I literally had tears in my eyes. Although I’ve been filled with overwhelming joy, I think I’ve been going through outdoor withdrawals since the birth of our daughter four months ago. But the thought of backpacking with her means combining two of the best things in my life. I played this episode for my wife a few days later, and she had the same reaction. To the whole DBD crew, thanks for an excellent podcast. To Otto, you’re doing it right, and thanks for sharing your story through words and photos!

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