Leaving the Races Behind

If you travel down to Ushuaia, Argentina, you might just find a bus plastered with a massive photograph of Sam Evans-Brown. In that photo, he’s sprinting, shoulder to shoulder, with Olympic cross-country ski-racer Martin Bianchi in the final stretch of the 2008 national ski championship of Argentina.

Today, Sam brings us the backstory to that photograph–a story about a split-second act of kindness that altered the course of Martin’s life, and about figuring out when it’s time to leave the races behind.

Sam hosts the podcast ‘Outside In’, a show from New Hampshire Public Radio about the natural world and how we use it.

A version of this story originally aired on ‘Outside In’. You can find “Don’t Cheer for Me, Argentina” here.


Music: Title by Artist    •    If Walls Could Talk by Jacob Bain & Nis Kotto    •    Sick and Tired by Publish the Quest    •    Blackout and Blue by Little Glass Men    •    Cowgirls by Ken Christianson    •    Falling Into You by Little Glass Men    •    High Country Waltz by Bradley Carter

Tracks provided by Free Music Archive and with permission from the artists.


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